What's THIS???

I always wanted to see a gallery of penises that has hundreds and thousands of pictures taken by themselves and not some porn studio. A place where we can share what makes us proud to be men.
What I want to create is a collection of Penises from men all over the world. A real view of what human male penises are, not imaginary fantasies porn studio gives us. Instead, I want to collect and show pictures of real penis from men just like you and me, not porn stars. Please send me your penis pictures(and your full nudes if you wish) and short message. I will post them on this blog. I will then categories your penis so it would be easier for guest to browese through the galleries. Please include your age and measurements if possible. Through this blog, I would like to tell the world one thing, penises are beautiful no matter how big or small it is and through this blog I can share this beauty to the world

My goal is to collect 1,000 penises so please spread the word!

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